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Get inspired by others who have applied therapeutic nutrition in their hospital and find resources on specific conditions as well as a fact sheet on malnutrition.

Why more effective patient nutrition matters...

Nutrition has a proven and direct impact on patient care – from reducing complications1 and length-of-stay,2 to helping patients avoid readmissions.3 In order to obtain these positive outcomes, malnutrition must be recognized. Effective nutritional intervention must occur across the entire continuum of care. And clinicians must approach the issue of nutrition with fresh information in new, more collaborative ways. Take the next step by reading the St. John’s case study – and their compelling, real-world results for patients.

…for Physicians


When adopted promptly, nutritional intervention is proven to improve patient outcomes – including fewer infections, shorter lengths of stay, reduced readmissions and overall enhanced quality of life.

…for Nurses


As a professional on the front line of patient care, you can use nutrition’s vital, therapeutic role in healing to help to improve your patients’ outcomes – so they can return to their lives and loved ones more quickly.

…for Dietitians


As the professional who is most knowledgeable about patient nutrition, you can be a vital source of information on the positive impact of nutrition on the quality of patient care – as well as a driver of nutritional collaboration among all hospital clinicians.

…for Hospital Administrators

Hospital Administrators

If nutrition is addressed in your hospital through a collaborative and inter-disciplinary effort, it can mean shorter lengths-of-stay, reduced readmissions and significant cost savings – as well as improved patient experience and satisfaction.

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