Alliance Founding Members
Who we are

The Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition is an interdisciplinary consortium dedicated to championing effective patient nutrition practices.

Launched in 2013, the Alliance was founded by leaders from The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, The Society of Hospital Medicine, and Abbott Nutrition.

Our interdisciplinary alliance represents clinicians from across the country. We are on a mission to transform patient care through the power of prescriptive nutrition. Specifically, we are dedicated to raising awareness about the positive impact proper nutrition has on patients’ medical outcomes and providing hospitals with tools and resources to advocate for effective nutrition practices in their organizations.

The power of clinical collaboration

The Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition is concerned that 1 in 3 patients enter the hospital malnourished.1-3 This can lead to poor patient outcomes, hospital-acquired conditions, and longer lengths of stay.4

Collaboration within the hospital is an essential element in improving patient outcomes. That is why professionals and clinicians from AMSN, Academy, SHM, and Abbott Nutrition joined together to highlight the often hidden costs of malnutrition in the hospital setting - - and to spotlight the importance of patient nutrition.


The Alliance is committed to:

Malnutrition Infographic

Generating awareness

about the meaningful impact nutrition has on patient outcomes

Supporting clinicians

in collaborating on hospital-wide nutrition processes

Encouraging clinicians

to elevate the role of nutrition in the hospital setting

Creating communications

initiatives and hospital outreach programs based on clinical evidence, with the goal of educating and advocating for broadly accepted and consistently applied hospital nutrition standards throughout the entire continuum of care


As the leading nursing organization dedicated to excellence in the care of medical-surgical patients, the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses is a founding member of the Alliance because we know that registered nurses – who are on the front line of patient care – are in a key position to educate and provide nutrition as a vital, therapeutic contributor to improved patient outcomes, assisting patients to readily recover and return to their lives and loved ones. Read more about the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses.


As the premier organization of registered dietitian nutritionists, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is a founding member of the Alliance. The Academy and our members recognize that better nutrition has a proven, positive impact on the quality of patient care and supports patients throughout all aspects of their recovery. Read more about the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


As the leading physician organization dedicated to promoting the highest quality care for all hospitalized patients, the Society of Hospital Medicine is a founding member of the Alliance because better patient nutrition is linked to better patient outcomes – including fewer infections, shorter lengths-of-stay, reduced readmissions and overall improved quality of care. Read more about the Society of Hospital Medicine.


As a worldwide leader in nutrition science, research and development, Abbott Nutrition is a founding member of the Alliance because we are committed to increasing the awareness of the critical role nutrition plays in improving patient outcomes. Read more about Abbott Nutrition.

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